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over your head and the boat just tips over. it's scary. >> they were aboard john lynch's boat. he will be part of the surf patrol this year. >> being so close to the waves and the brakes and feeling the power and watching these guys. it's an incredible -- it's an incredible sport. you have to have some real guts to get out there and do what these guys are doing. >> the organizer of mavericks, jeff clark, was his guide. tonight he was briefing the surfers who will be briefing what is expected to be 30-foot waves. mavericks is known for serving up some of the biggest waves in surfing. the competition should be fierce. >> when they do come, they come in sets of like ten waves. it's incredible to see this lineup out there. >> high surf report sufficient great news for mavericks, but it's also a warning for everyone else. just "before sunset" at association beach in san francisco some pretty big waves were crashing the shore. for amateurs up and down the coast the conditions got challenging. the fire and rescue teams were called in to help six surfers. one suffered minor injuries. at h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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